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Kristin - aka Kiki

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[Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 || 14:23]
[ mood | stressed ]

I’ve crammed as much as is physically possible over the last two days, and I’m now pretty sure that I know as much as I’m likely to for my exam tomorrow. And if not, well I guess I’m screwed then! I’ll talk more after my ordeal tomorrow. Love you all, K xxx

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Just another Manic Monday... [Monday, January 16th, 2006 || 15:28]
[ mood | content ]

Hey everyone! Hope your weekends were fun and stress free, then you'll have been doing better than myself! It was my last weekend at Nico's, and as such, we were obviously overly busy with rude customers all of Satuday night and Sunday. Everything seemed to go wrong that could go wrong, and it was just one of those weekends.

However, last night, most of the staff went out to Retro after work to celebrate the group of us moving on. It was a fairly amazing night with 1980's kareoke, major volumes of cocktails, crazy dancing, and me and Laura waking up on Hanna's kitchen floor this morning with coby lying flat out on the kitchen table! God we looked a mess! It was a really fun night though, and I am going to miss Nico's a bit, but my new job at Alfredo's really does sound as if it's going to be great (I start on the opening night on Friday, I just pray that I don't do anything wrong).

So this morning, Laura decided it would do us good if we walked home instead of getting a cab, so we took a nice relaxing walk home in the sunshine, and then I took what was possibly the most refreshing shower ever when I got home.

For the rest of the day I'll probably be cramming for my exam on Wednesday, like I'll be doing tomorrow as well. No fun, but I guess it has to be done to make sure I pass. I'll talk to everyone later, love Kiki xxx

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Great Week! [Friday, January 13th, 2006 || 11:32]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all feeling as great as me! First things first. Tuesday night was one of the funniest nights I’ve ever had. We drank in Ploppie’s Bar for most of the night, taking over a huge corner of the place. Everyone that walked past us got shouted at in some form or another and we ended in there when we got asked to leave so they could close. It was amazing. Afterwards we went back to Mel’s house and continued to drink – her parents are on holiday just now. Penny ended up in the pool fully clothed, and then Laura and me decided it would be funny to run down the street naked. It was funny at the time, I look back now and cringe while laughing though! I unfortunately forgot my camera, although there may be pictures on Mel’s. If I can get them I will!

On Wednesday I slept practically all day because I was so hungover and then went to work at night. That was a pretty quiet day.

Yesterday, I found out I have a new job in the new fancy restaurant that the owner of Nico’s is opening! Me, Coby, Laura and Hanna are moving to it from Nico’s and apparantly all his best waiting staff from his other restuarants in the city are to move to it as well. The pay is going to be better, and with the upmarket clientel he’s hoping to attract, hopefully the pay will be too. So I’m really looking forward to starting there.

I’m working the early evening shift, so me and Penny are going to go out again tonight after work, as she’s finishing at 7p.m. too. Everyone have a great weekend, I’ll talk to you all later love K x

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Party time! [Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 || 14:14]
[ mood | hyper ]

So, two days into the exam period and I’ve already completed three of my four exams! And the last one isn’t until next Wednesday, so tonight as they say, will be a party! The exams weren’t actually all that difficult, which was surprising and most welcome. Unfortunately, History of Psychology 1 next week will probably be extremely difficult, but I guess I’ll just have to deal with it!

Tonight then, as no-one ahs any exams tomorrow, the girls and me will be heading out on the town to get a good old fashioned drinking marathon underway, in fact we’ll be going as soon as Penny gets home around five from her exam! It’s been a while since all the girls got together to go out, so watch out Johannesburg, we’re coming tonight, and we’ll be taking no prisoners!

Other than that I’ve not got much to say, so talk to you all later. Byee love Kiki xxx

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Kong! [Friday, January 6th, 2006 || 13:24]
[ mood | amused ]

King Kong is an amazing film! Seriously, anybody who hasn’t seen it yet really must go to the movies and watch it. It’s just incredible! The special effects are outstanding, the acting is great and the story is really fantastic. Never mind that it’s 3 hours long, you’ll love it anyway, trust me! Jack Black is especially brilliant!

Anyway, no prizes for guessing what we ended up going to see last night. It was me, Pen, Tara and Laura, four large popcorns, three 7Ups and a Diet Pepsi with a giant gorilla and several dinosaurs for company. We had such a good night, it was like an old time night out like we used to have when we were still at school! We gossiped the whole way there and back, watched the film with the excitement levels of little kids and generally just had a really great time.

Tonight, unfortunately I have to work, but it will be worth it when I get my paycheck, it always is! I’m working a lot this weekend, which means there won’t be much time for going out with the girls or with Coby, which is a bit of a drag. And then exams start on Monday, oh dear, I think I might be in trouble, I’ve revised practically zero since the middle of December!

And one final thing, I accidentally turned on the WWE Wrestling last night when I got home, and ended up not being able to turn it off. How spectacularly captivating it was. Utter nonsense of course, but super fun! And just how hot is that Batista! Lovely lovely man! Talk to you all later love K xxx

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Ah dear. [Thursday, January 5th, 2006 || 8:50]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I'm awake hideously early this morning for a dentist appointment. How terrible a thought. Not only do I have to get up early after working until a fiendishly late hour, I have to have an old man play with my teeth as well. Gah, at least I have no work tonight and can spend the night at the movies with Penny and Karina. What should we see tonight? is there anything good out at the moment, or will we be renting DVDs again?

I'll speak to everyone later, love K xxxx

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! [Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 || 15:39]
[ mood | horny ]

Hey everyone, I can’t begin to tell you all what a great time I had over Christmas and New Year, it was amazing! I went home to my parents for Christmas, and we had a great time. We had a lovely dinner and exchanged gifts, it was really nice, just like old times!

I was out with Coby a few times over the season too, we’re coming along very well, he’s lovely! And so sweet and thoughtful. There should be more guys like him around!

On New Year’s Eve, Penny and me went to the party at Salvation. Wow, I see why everyone raves about that place now! We got all dressed up, and danced away the night, saw in the New Year, and drank a lot! It was such a great night, we’ll definitely be doing it again next year.

And on New Year’s Night, we went over the landing to Tara and Laura’s apartment for a small gathering of friends. Marika, Mel, Karina and Vicki came over too, and we just got really really drunk. We ended up doing cream shots from each other’s cleavage. Oh dear! It was really really funny though.

But the party season is over, and I’m back to work and soon to be back to University. I actually have exams starting on Monday. But they shouldn’t be too hard (with any luck!) I’ll write again soon, love you all, Kiki xxx

”SomeCollapse )

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Today is a good day... for everyone else! [Tuesday, December 13th, 2005 || 14:28]
[ mood | frustrated ]

I've had such a frustrating day! I'm working every day right now during summer vacation, and while it's great money, and when I do go back to university, it will be as a second year rather than a first, some people are crazy. Christmas parties have started at Nico's, and the amount of people that get ridiculously drunk and are verbally abusive is insane. One guy even threw up on me last night. Needless to say, I got to go straight home, but it was so disgusting. I'm working from 4 until god knows when tonight, hopefully I'll be on bar duty, which is the only way I'm going to be able to cope.

But enough ranting, Coby's going to stay tonight, which should be fun, and Penny says she'll whip up some cocktails for us coming home, I love her so much! I'd better get ready now, so I'll talk to you all later.

K xx

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[Wednesday, December 7th, 2005 || 14:11]
Can anyone reccomend a good 80's rock/metal album that I can get Coby for his Christmas? I'm really struggling as I don't listen to 80's music!

Thanks, K xx
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I'm not dead! [Friday, December 2nd, 2005 || 14:14]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey! It’s been ages since I’ve been on here, I’ve been busy with university, work and a whole lot of other things, and I’ve just not had time. How’s everyone been? Well I hope, as well as me!

First things first, I’m totallly loving university right now, it’s a lot of work, but everything is going really well and I’m enjoying all the classes. The social side of it is great too, I’m playing for the women’s basketball team, we’re second in our league, which is great. I love sport and it’s such a good way to keep fit. Plus it’s a really fun game, and our uniforms are even really pretty! I still get to watch the rugby boys train, and have been going to a lot of their matches too, I used to think that those people with major “school spirit” were weird, but I totally see where they’re coming from now! You get so wrapped up in the game. I’m a total university of Johannesburg fan now, almost as much as I’m a fan of the Kaizer Chiefs (although the less said about that team right now is the better!).

Work’s been great as well, I’m mainly just working weekends with the occasional evening shift, and it’s all the same people I’m working with every week. The nightlife we have after work is amazing as well, we go out after work, and drink a lot. Great fun.

I’m dating Coby just now, Marika broke up with him a while back, and after I made sure it was ok with her, I moved in on him. Well you know I’ve had a huge crush on him forever! We’ve not been going out long, but it’s moving along nicely. He’s so hot, and sweet too. He’s great.

Well that’s about it for now, I’ll try and update this thing a bit more often! Love you all, K xxx

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An update! [Monday, October 10th, 2005 || 14:01]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Wow, what a hectic week I've had. Cape Town was great. It was really nice seeing all of my family, and I went out with my cousin Kirsty and got very drunk, which was amazing, I've not seen Kirsty in so long.

PicciesCollapse )

It was a really great weekend, and hopefully I can do it again before too long! Then I've been working my ass off at University and work since I got back home. I'm in major need of a long rest, which won't come for a while!

Speak to you all soon, hope everyone is well, love K xx

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Family Reunion time..... [Friday, September 30th, 2005 || 12:38]
[ mood | cheerful ]

We're driving to Cape Town in an hour, I can hardly wait! I've not been back there for almost two years. I miss my family a lot. I'm dying to see Kirsty, she must have so many great stories! And some of m little cousins will have grown up so much! We have my uncle James' 50th birthday party to go to tonight, and then hopefully I'll get out to enjoy CT tomorrow night!

Speak to you all later! Love ya xxx

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Short one [Tuesday, September 27th, 2005 || 20:21]
[ mood | happy ]

This is just a short update before Penny, Tara, Laura and me go to the pictures to see the 40 Year Old Virgin, which is meant to be very funny! This weekend I was so drunk I can't actually remember half of what happened. I'm extremely embarassed to say!

But I've bee assured that I did nothing to stupid and I'm now just looking forward to going to visit my relatives in Cape Town this weekend! We're driving through on Friday night and coming hoe on Monday morning. I can't wait. It'll be really nice to see my grandparents again,a nd all my aunts and uncles. My cousin Kirsty, who I've not seen in about three years because she's been studying in Japan is going to be there too. I love family reunions!

That creepy girl I was telling you all about was hanging around the restaurant last night though. She's really been freaking me out!

Speak to you all soon, love Kirstin xxxx

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[Saturday, September 24th, 2005 || 3:02]
I'm drunk again while updating! It's just short. Tara, you are my hero after telling that guy to suck some cocks to find out what life is all about! He was a pervy freak wasn't he!

I had a great night tonight, but I'm going to bed now, I hope everyone enjoyed their Friday, love Kirstin xxx
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Freeeeeeeky girl [Thursday, September 22nd, 2005 || 1:43]
[ mood | drunk / disgusted ]

Uuuugggghhhhhhhh. Freaky girls freak me out. Especially when they want to "get with me". I was at work tonight, serving a table of ten girls who were having a meal for one of their 21st birthday parties. Fine, perfectlyy normal, until they left. They paid, and left a pretty big tip. In the tip tray they had left a card saying "for the blonde waitress" who was me, so I opened up this folded over card. It was disgusting.

"Hi there hot stuff. I'm Marla (I had the red hair). I really enjoyed you serving me tonight, I couldn't help but notice your smile, oh and your cleavage, what a great idea to leave those two buttons open, it gave me a really good eyeful. I'd love it if you agve me a call, here's my cell number ************. I hope we can have a night together soon, I'm sure I could show you what you're missing. Love Marla."

Why the fuck does this happen to me? I do not want to have sex with a girl! She wasn't even a pretty girl. At all. I felt sick after reading it, I seriously thought I was going to throw up. And I do right now actually, but I think thats more because of all the vodka I've drank since I got home. I need to get out this weekend, and have a really good night on the town. It's essential!

Sorry for the drunk post, love Kirstin xxx

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Hey! [Monday, September 19th, 2005 || 14:24]
[ mood | energetic ]

It's been ages since I last wrote anything on here, so I'm updating to let you all know that I am still alive, I've just been busy!

Well, when I say busy I mean sort of busy. I do have a lot of coursework which is taking up a lot of my time, and I have been working far too many shifts at Nico's because half of the staff have quit. The only part time staff they have now are me, Laura, Coby, Kamoisi and Steffi. We need to recruit badly.

The rest of my time has either been drinking far too much with the girls, it's been almost a constant girl's night in since Tara and Laura moved in across the hall. It's a whiole lot of fun though, drining, music and movies. We're young, we deserve our fun!

I've also been dating a guy called Brian, who's nice enough, he's cute, and he's really sweet, but we have almost nothing in common. I'll give it another few dates, but I don't really see it going too far, I don't want to hurt him, but I need something a little more, which is a pity, if he'd been into the same things as me we could work really well together.

Today was so great at university for the first time in ages. The rugby boys were practising, we were observing again. The legs those boys have, mmhmm!

Guess what! It's time for work again. I know it's short, but at least I said hi! I'll speak to you all soon. Love Kirstin xxx

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I think it's time for a night out. [Thursday, September 8th, 2005 || 15:30]
[ mood | hyper ]

I'm ready to paint the town red tonight after the last two days I've had! Penny, Tara, Laura, Mel, Marika and Louisa. Can't wait. It's a long story, but basically I've been getting sleazy half brained customers at work and a lot of coursework to do. So tonight, I'm going to go out, drink a lot, smoke a lot and dance a lot to relieve some of my stress! And I move that everyone does the same! It's Thursday, let's all start the weekend early!

Love you all, Kirstin xx

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Finally! [Tuesday, September 6th, 2005 || 13:38]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Well, Leeds Festival and our time in Scotland was great fun! Unfortunately there are no pictures, as I didn't feel safe leaving my camera in the tent, but they wouldn't have been all that good anyway, especially since we were disgusting by the Sunday morning! Our flight was slightly late leaving of course, so we didn't arrive at Manchester Airport until 9p.m. on the Thursday night, and then had to wait almost an hour for a train to Leeds.

We just stayed in a cheap hotel for the night and decided to go to the actual festival by bus on Friday morning. The campsite was huge, it was like a little city. I've never seen so many tents in the one place before, it was incredible. We walked for miles until we found a good camping spot and got our tent pitched as quickly as we could so we could get in to see My Chemical Romance. There was a huge queue but lots of people were just walking straight to the front and we followed them. It was a great plan, we hardly missed any of MCR, who were great, and it was a perfect start to the day.

We saw Turbonegro, who were strange, Alkaline Trio who were pretty good, a band called Funeral For A Friend who I really liked, NOFX who were very goodnd Iggy Pop who was far too energetic for a man of his age! Then Incubus came on. Wow. Brandon Boyd is HOTT! He's even sexier in the flesh than on TV as well. When he took his top off I nearly fainted! They were great musically too. We then went to the dance stage to see MIA who wasn't really all that good. Bucky Done Gun was great though, it was the last one she played. We went back to the main stage to see Marilyn Manson who wasn't very good in my opinion, and then Iron Maiden who were absolutely amazing! Their songs were good enough, and the stage they had was incredible. They're well worth going to see live any time, they really really impressed me a lot.

In the campsite on Friday night we met some Irish guys, who were camped next to us. Sadly none of them looked like Colin Farrel, but they were really funny, and one of them, Brian, was so sexy. Penny hooked up with him the lucky girl!

There weren't too many bands we really wanted to see on the Saturday so we walked around the site quite a lot and took in all the atmosphere. We did see a really good band called the Subways, who had a bass player who looked so like Caitlin who went to school with us! They were really good, and so were a Welsh band called Bullet For My Valentine, who were really heavy and had one hell of a hot singer!

Queens of the Stone Age were really good too, even though they played a lot from their new album which isn't as good as their other stuff. The Killers were great, they got some really amazing sing a longs. And The Pixies were just incredible! Well, for about 40 minutes when they actually started to get a little boring, but the first half of their set was great. I wanted to see Kasabian as well, but they were already finished when The Pixies stopped.

The best bands on Sunday were All American Rejects, The Charlatans (even though I'd never heard them before they were great), Razorlight, Kings of Leon (wow they were amazing!) and the Foo Fighters. The Foo Fighters were just incredible. The whole set was fantastic and just wow. That's about all I can say about them!

The Sunday night was really scary though, because there were a lot of people rioting pretty badly. We followed some people into the car park,a nd sat there until the morning before going to the train station to get our train to Glasgow. The train left at midday and we had to change in Newcastle. Now Newcastle is a funny place where everyone has really strange accents and it's hard to understand what anyone is saying! But we got our connecting train and we arrived in Glasgow at about 4p.m.

When we got to our TravelLodge, the first thing any of us wanted was a shower. Unfortunately we only had one shower between all three of us, and Tara won the draw to go first, i was second and Penny was last. After having a shower we went to a nearby Pizza Hut for dinner, and to the CineWorld cinema (which is absolutely huge!) to see The Wedding Crashers. One funny film, I love Owen Wilson! We then went to a club called The Garage, which was really big and full of people. I made out with a guy who fell in love with my accent, I think he was genuinely disappointed when I left! (He was really fine by the way girls!) We got back to the hotel at about half past 3 and fell asleep instantly!

On Tuesday we took a train to Edinburgh to see some of the Festival. It was amazing, tehre were people dancing, performing magic and plays in the streets! We saw a really funny comedian in a tiny little bar and then a play which we were among an audience of about fifteen. It's the most incredible experience. We got back to Glasgow at about half past eleven and went to another club, this time it was The Tunnel. It's nowhere near as good as the Garage, but still quite cool.

On Wednesday, which was our last day, we had to be at the airport by 6p.m. so the receptionist at the hotel suggested that we go to Braehead to do some shopping for the day, as it's right next to the airport. This is an amazing shopping mall. I bought a ton of clothes, and jewllery that I totally didn't need. I'll look good in them though!

We caught our plane on time, got very drunk and came home. And since I've been back, well University, work, university, work, you get the picture! Tara and Laura are moving in across teh hall this week, so tonight, I'm helping them move. Can't wait, it'll be great having them living here!

Love you all, Kirstin xxx

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Damn work.... [Monday, September 5th, 2005 || 14:49]
[ mood | cranky ]

I have to work in 40 minutes for the whole night so I'll not be able to properly update until tomorrow. Which is a pity because I was really looking forward to telling you all what happened while I was away! Well, I'll speak to you all later, love K xx

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I'm back! [Sunday, September 4th, 2005 || 15:46]
[ mood | happy ]

Well, I've actually been back since Thursday, but hey! I'll update properly tonight or tomorrow, I just wanted to quickly say what a great time I had in England and Scotland last week. The full stories are coming soon!

Love you, Kiki xxxx

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